Store your balance and tickets on your card

Gameon cards

Every GameOn card is RECHARGEABLE – you can Power Up whenever you need, again and again. The card will store your balance and (if you choose e-tickets) you can can also store tickets on your card. The more you Power Up, the more Bonus Credits you’ll get!

You can Power Up your card IN STORE at the Counter or on any of our handy POWER UP Kiosks – OR you can POWER UP ONLINE and SAVE TIME!

tickets and game on card


Don’t forget to Register Your Card to be eligible for more benefits, including VIP status and special offers. Registering your card also gives you some protection – if you lose your card it’s easy to find your details and information. Register your card now and as a THANK YOU we will give you 50 PRE-LOADED TICKETS!

Power Up Online

Already have a Card? SAVE TIME when you Power Up Online.

To POWER UP ONLINE your card MUST have a REGISTERED card. 

If you already have a Registered GameOn Card you can Power Up just by clicking below.

Check Your Balance

* You must have a Registered Card to Check Your Balance Online

Vip Cards

Are you a Very Important Player?!! Why should a VIP pay full price? Enjoy special VIP Pricing and Benefits with our VIP card.

Vip Benefits

VIP discount (10% off game pricing)
$2 Bonus Credit when you achieve VIP status (every three months)
Auto Upgrade on qualifying (if your details are Registered)
Exclusive VIP GameOn Card (see our staff for your New Card)
1st game of day FREE (from day after qualifying) see Our Staff to load (LIMIT – one per person per day)
Eligibility for Special VIP Deals and Offers

how do I qualify?

* Qualifying Accumulative Spend $75
* Quarterly Spend to Maintain $75 (every 3 months)
* You must have a Registered Card to be eligible for VIP status.
* A quarterly spend must be maintained to upgrade to/retain VIP status.

Power Up Your Card

Power up and save! Get bonus credits when you power up In Store or Online.